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Spring Training, ’16

The problem with spending a year training for a hundred-mile ultra is that, the next year, you feel like a complete slob for not training at that same level.  In fact, my 2016 numbers so far have been pretty big even compared to other … Continue reading

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Up All Night to Get Lucky

I run at night a lot.  As the co-leader of the Boulder Trail Runners Night Run, I log several hours each week in the dark on everything from pavement to gnarly technical terrain. Many of my favorite and most profound memories have … Continue reading

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Better Ned than Dead

I’m a slave to the training.  When the training plan says, “jump!”, I say “how high?“.  In this case, the the training plan answered “31 miles!  And make it snappy!“.  Ideally, this would have been the first of two training … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Mayhem

It’s been pretty quiet here on the Sanctum this spring, but it’s not because I’m a boring home-body.  Or at least not entirely that I’m a boring home-body.  No, there were various adventures which somehow never got posted here. April … Continue reading

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