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Spring Training, ’16

The problem with spending a year training for a hundred-mile ultra is that, the next year, you feel like a complete slob for not training at that same level.  In fact, my 2016 numbers so far have been pretty big even compared to other … Continue reading

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My Own Private Quadrock

There were definitely mixed feeling when Pete and Nick canceled Quadrock (see below!). On the one hand, this was to be my biggest, baddest training run of the season – 50 quad-busting miles on some great local trails with most of … Continue reading

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Winter Training

It’s been pretty quiet around here for the last few months.  You might think I’ve been doing nothing in particular, but the truth is I’ve been training (relatively speaking) like a fiend and been super-busy besides.  Twelve weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Segmentation Fault

Another weekend, another big training run.  The weather has been nice lately, so Ben and I scheduled a little exploratory run on the Colorado Trail.  Yeah, yeah, Colorado Trail in spring… you’d think I’d have learned my lesson there.  We … Continue reading

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