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Too Soon

Happy Solstice, everyone!  Spurred by a need for some skiing on the first day of winter and buoyed by reports of “loads of snow in the mountains”, I went up to Glacier Gorge to see for myself. Long story short, … Continue reading

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Stag Party

Boys night out!  Wooo!  Party!  Joe and I took our first father/son camping trip leaving Amy and Ella at home for a little chick-flick-watching, slumber-partying, whatever-it-is-that-girls-do-when-they-hang-out-ing.  We were joined by Chris and Susan with Michael and Katie as well. I … Continue reading

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Nine Lakes and a Summit

Worst case scenario: just run back out the way I went in.  Admittedly, having to see the same set of gorgeous alpine and subalpine lakes twice doesn’t constitute much of a worst case, but there were more compelling options to … Continue reading

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Taylor Made

Taylor Glacier does not disappoint.  Back when I first started doing this sort of thing, I found a list of “classic” snow climbs and Taylor stood out as the steepest of the lot.  I’ve since learned that steepness isn’t everything … Continue reading

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Lawn Lake and Hagues Peak

Last year, I was in awesome shape.  I was in awesome shape because I was doing big mountain runs every weekend.  I was doing big runs because I was training for an ultra.  This year I’m not, ergo…  Still, July … Continue reading

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Taking it up a Notch

“Bless me father, for I have sinned.  It has been almost year since my last rock climb…” “Hold it right there, my son!  I think I see your problem.  Nothing to worry about.  Go forth, rope up, climb on, and … Continue reading

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