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Project Louisville

All things considered, my family was in pretty good shape when the COVID-19 pandemic hit everything changed: jobs doable remotely, kids learning remotely about as well as can be expected, plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, full liquor cabinet … Continue reading

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Terror on Tyndall

This is NOT a good situation. I VERY MUCH DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE RIGHT NOW!  But I’m three turns and one hundred vertical feet into this descent and there are at least that many more to go to … Continue reading

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2018 in Running – Looking for the new

2018 was supposed to be the year of exploring new places – and it was! After 15 years in the local mountains, it’s getting harder to find new trails but it’s definitely possible, even if the new territory is merely … Continue reading

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Winter Training

It’s been pretty quiet around here for the last few months.  You might think I’ve been doing nothing in particular, but the truth is I’ve been training (relatively speaking) like a fiend and been super-busy besides.  Twelve weeks ago I … Continue reading

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It wasn’t quite 40 days and nights, but there was definitely some Old Testament smiting involved in Colorado’s “biblical flood” of 2013.  Well over a foot of rain fell over the course of a couple days in a region where … Continue reading

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Peaches and Imogene

The Imogene Pass Run has been on my list for a long time.  When I ran into a fellow in the back country with a race entry he needed to get rid of… well, opportunities are meant to be leapt … Continue reading

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Dashing Through the Snow

A 5k?  Really?  This is a bit shorter than my usual fare.  Okay, a lot shorter than my usual preferred distances, but the Snow Dash Extreme 5k was billed as being Extreme!  It’s not like I’m getting much other adventure … Continue reading

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