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2018 in Running – Looking for the new

2018 was supposed to be the year of exploring new places – and it was! After 15 years in the local mountains, it’s getting harder to find new trails but it’s definitely possible, even if the new territory is merely … Continue reading

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High times in low gears

Ben has a new cyclecross bike and I spent the summer building my gravel grinder. Instead of the traditional end-of-summer mountain run, why not get out for a little Indian Summer wheeled idiocy? Early this summer we did an all-night … Continue reading

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Better Ned than Dead

I’m a slave to the training.  When the training plan says, “jump!”, I say “how high?“.  In this case, the the training plan answered “31 miles!  And make it snappy!“.  Ideally, this would have been the first of two training … Continue reading

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Moonlight and Microspikes

It’s been a snowier-than-average winter so far and, while this is good for the skiing now and the fire danger later, it’s made trail running a very muddy affair.  The Mesa Trail, axis mundi of the Boulder trail scene, is … Continue reading

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Mikey Likes It

Mike and I go back a long ways.  We’ve been on-and-off adventure partners after meeting up in Kentucky in the distant past (15 years ago as best I can remember).  We hike large portions of the Appalachian Trail together in … Continue reading

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