I’ve had a lot of adventures, big and small.  Here are some of the biggest adventures and, in my humble opinion, the best reads.  Enjoy!

Mile 59: Dawn of a new day.June 2015 –  Momentum: 100 miles in the Bighorn Mountains and Other Places  The Bighorn Wild and Scenic Trail Run My first (only?) hundred mile ultramarathon. New physical, mental, and emotional spaces can be yours for the low low price of a mid-life crisis!

October 2010 – The Italian Job – Exploring the Dolomites and Venice.  Once again, I leveraged a work trip (to Venice) to tack on a few days of exploration in what must be one of the most spectacular places in the world.  Hiking, gondolas, via ferratta, and Americans Abroad.

The impressive Auzure and Arrowhead Lakes from Cracktop.

August 2010 – Rocky Mountain Super-traverse – As the only trail runner in the area not running either Pikes or Leadville, it was my obligation, nay, sacred duty to get out and do something big and stupid in solidarity with my trail-running brethren and sisteren.  36 hard miles and 12 peaks later…

Loni would like to welcome you to Pu'uhonau O Honaunau.March 2010 – Going Big on the Big Island – Four days of exploration tacked onto the end of a work trip to Hawai’i. Beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, spiders, and serendipity.

donewithclimbJuly 2009 – Terra Incognita, the Pawnee-Buchanan Loop – An utter classic loop in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  26 miles, two huge climbs, and billions of wildflowers all with one of the gurus of trail running.

atlantis_predawnApril 2009 – An Insider’s Tour of Kennedy Space Center – Up close and personal with multiple space shuttles and lots of other very expensive, very amazing things.  Also gators and weird birds.  I didn’t touch any of it!  I swear!  (Though I easily could have.)

roughlightApril 2008 – Playing the Slots – My sink-or-swim introduction to canyoneering.  A pair of warm-up canyons in the San Rafael Swell, a long long drive, then the main event: a through-trip of Buckskin Gulch and Pariah River, one of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen.

Sunrise from the South Kaibab Trail. The river is hidden in the deep gorge below. The North Kaibab Trail follows the canyon up from the left to upper right.

May 2007 – To Hell and BackGrand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim.  “The longest run I’ve ever done in my life is less than 20 miles.  How hard can 50 be?”  Hilarity and hallucinations ensue.

startinglineAugust 2006 – Pike’s Peak Ascent – My first experience with racing up mountains.  Not my last.

The Buttes of the Cross seen from the optimal angle.

June 2005 – Afloat in the Bowels of the World – Green River, Utah.  Raised on New England waterways, big rivers deep in canyon country is quite an education for all of us.



October 2004 – Into a Far Green Country – Honeymoon adventures in New Zealand.


yikfalls3July-August 1998 – Song of the Yovo: A White Man’s Travels in Black Africa – Togo, West Africa.  It wasn’t always fun, but it was always interesting.


Luck Good and Bad: Costa Rica 2005

Double Dutch: Haarlem & Leiden, the Netherlands 2009

Mission to Mars(eille): France 2011

Classic Wilderness (Mis)Adventures:

Longs in Winter, RMNP 2007

Judges of Stoopid: Grand Central Couloir, Nokhu Crags, CO 2006

Ropes, Racks, and Sharp Metal:

Taylor Glacier, RMNP 2011

James Peak Superstar 2010

Dreamweaver, Mt. Meeker, 2007

Feeling the Force on Skywalker Couloir, IPW 2006

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