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2020 Adventure Round-up

2020 was… well, you know how it was!  We were all forced to find our own adventures in whatever ways we could.  While it certainly wasn’t the year I’d hoped for, it turned out okay in the end. Here are … Continue reading

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Getting by with a little help from my friends

I run because it makes me feel good.  Sure, partly it’s for the exercise and to keep the Running is good physical exercise and helps keep the middle-aged Dad Bod in check, but mostly I do it for the endorphins … Continue reading

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Search for El Dorado

I’ve lived in Boulder County for 17 years now and have somehow never climbed Eldorado Mountain.  So, naturally, we decided to run up it at night. Eldorado is an 8300′ peak adjacent to the much more traveled but similar in … Continue reading

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Project Louisville

All things considered, my family was in pretty good shape when the COVID-19 pandemic hit everything changed: jobs doable remotely, kids learning remotely about as well as can be expected, plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, full liquor cabinet … Continue reading

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2019 Retrospective (B-Sides and Rarities!)

As we finish another trip around the sun, it’s time for reminiscences (whether you like it or not!)  2019 was a notable year with a lot of Life Stuff (a new career, planning for what is effectively a new house, … Continue reading

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Stupid Fun

“Hey, let’s go race each other uphill on skis in the dark!” Some people (probably most people) would say, “No! That sounds stupid and painful and why would anyone do that!” A much smaller group of people would say, “Okay, … Continue reading

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2017 B-sides and Rarities

2017 featured some great adventures written up here previously.  Most significant (to me) were probably my spontaneous trip to South Africa, a big family trip to Yellowstone, and a series of adventures associated with my home-grown ultralight backpacking gear.  But … Continue reading

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145 rocks: 2017 Running Retrospective

Once again, another year has come and gone (and faster than ever!) and it’s time to get retrospective in every way.  2017 was a strange year, but there was some wonderfullness amidst the strange. It was a year of niggling injuries … Continue reading

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Divided We Stand (Ooh La La Land)

The summer of 2017 has been a memorable one, but not because of the epic mountain running trips I’ve managed. Between spur-of-the-moment multi-continental travel, increasingly-ambitious family outings, and some nagging maybe-injuries, I’ve only managed a couple proper runs in the … Continue reading

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It worked?!

It worked! I don’t want anyone to die of suspense after last week’s cliff-hanger, so here is a quick resolution to the South Africa Occultation story (see here for part 1 and part 2).  Team 13 (myself and Simon along … Continue reading

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