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Momentum: 100 miles in the Bighorn Mountains and Other Places

It grinds on, but I’ve lost all sense of time and pace and effort. I’m so far gone that the idea of stopping seems exotic, anathema. Kate is right there at my elbow, matching me stride for stride, just as she’s always been, just as she’ll always be. I’ve lost track of when I last drank, or ate, or peed. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need anything. I run. That’s what I’ve always done, that’s what I’ll always do. I have momentum. Continue reading

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Pwned on Pawnee-Buchanan

The Pawnee-Buchanan Loop in the Indian Peaks Wilderness is a classic of Front Range mountain running: a 25-plus mile loop with 6000-plus feet of gain, crossing the Continental Divide twice, past three large lakes, numerous waterfalls, and gazillions of wildflowers.  … Continue reading

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The Italian Job

Sesto Dolomites and Venice, Italy October 7-16, 2010 When someone suggests, “Let’s all go to Venice in October and talk about astronomy,” you say “Okay!” When that person is the guy paying both your salary and airfare, you say “Perfecto!” … Continue reading

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Going Big on the Big Island

February 28th-March 7th, 2010 Last fall, I was invited to speak at the 2010 High Energy Astrophysics Division meeting about some of the work I’ve been doing with ultraviolet observations (which is apparently low-energy astrophysics). I accepted the invitation–and I … Continue reading

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No Atheists in Bergshrunds: Hallett Peak via Tyndall Glacier

August 29, 2009 Even in a good year, couloir climbing season is done by mid-July and the ice climbing season doesn’t get started until November at the earliest… or so I thought! Perusing Dave Cooper’s excellent Colorado Snow Climbs showed me the … Continue reading

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Free Radicals!

(Most of) the Longs Peak Radical Slam Many mysteries about Longs Peak have been resolved, but I am left with three questions: Was this a remarkably steep, technical trail run or was it a mountaineering trip in running shoes? How … Continue reading

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Terra Incognita, or the Pawnee-Buchanan Loop

It seemed prudent to park at the farther trailhead and get the 0.7 miles of road running over early. Somehow I knew that after a long day running in the mountains (and you can put quotes around ‘running’ if you … Continue reading

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