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High times in low gears

Ben has a new cyclecross bike and I spent the summer building my gravel grinder. Instead of the traditional end-of-summer mountain run, why not get out for a little Indian Summer wheeled idiocy? Early this summer we did an all-night … Continue reading

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Lucky Thirteen

Some problems have multiple solutions.  Three months ago, Levi talked me into signing up for the Gold Rush Bike Rally.  It’s a wildly-varying course with lots of climbing, some pavement and smooth dirt road, some loose gravel and sand, more … Continue reading

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Operation Gravel Grinder

I was at a vulnerable point in my life — a little bored with the status quo of running and searching for something new to work on this summer.  Knowing I was in this impressionable state, Levi swooped in and convinced … Continue reading

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All Downhill From Here, Mostly.

Cycling is definitely not my primary hobby, but I do enjoy a good long road ride.  Part 2 of my big goals for Summer 2014 was to do a big road ride in the mountains, something I’ve never done before.  … Continue reading

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2013 Year in Review

Last year I set myself some goals… and none of them actually happened.  I came close, but, well, life happened. The running goal was 1000 miles, but I only managed 810 (November/December total: 135 which is pretty good, considering), my … Continue reading

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Riding in the Buff

70 miles in a day under your own power is a long damn way… unless you’re on a decent road bike, surrounded by a couple thousand of your closest pals, and have well-stocked and enthusiastic aid stations every dozen miles … Continue reading

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Summer Season Retrospective

Bless me father, for I have sinned.  It has been four months since I last checked my progress toward my yearly goals.  The summer outdoors season is always particularly manic and this one more manic than most.  Despite some setbacks, … Continue reading

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