What’s going on here?  Well, I’m a guy of no special significance: forty-something suburban dad, teacher, and scientist who does his best to squeeze in adventure and time outdoors as he can.  My interests have changed over time from backpacking to rock climbing and caving to trail running with a bit of other things thrown in as well.

I’ve been blogging my adventures since 1995 (long before the term ‘blog’ even existed) largely as a way to keep a diary of my activities for future reference and partly as a way to give back to the then-growing community of people looking for information on specific areas and activities out there.  Much to my surprise, people started reading my stuff and I’d get occasional grateful (and sometimes angry) responses from people from far and wide.

Apparently my 10 second self-timer on my camera isn’t quite long enough.

My older stuff (pre-2010) was coded in old-school html from the Precambrian, but I’ve been on WordPress since then and have been working on moving over some of my more interesting early adventures here off and on.

So, welcome.  Happy adventuring!

9 Responses to About

  1. gregowski says:

    Hi –

    I’d like to ask your permission to use one of your photos. Please drop me a note and i’ll give you the details.



  2. EG says:

    Just noticed one of your tags on the east portal to James Peak trip report is “deadhorse.” Wondering if you too noticed the dead horse down on the west side of the trail between Rogers Pass and James. I searched to see if there was any news because I found it a bit disturbing/bizarre and came across your page…

    • cdan4th says:

      Wow, sharp web-searching skills 😉 Yes, we found that as well. It looked pretty fresh. I can imagine a couple of scenarios as to what might have happened, but all are depressing.

      I called the NFS in Boulder to report it (no idea if this is their problem or not) and they had already been notified. They apparently had no idea either, but sounded like they maybe had to go do something about it. I’m morbidly curious. What a sad sad thing.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. EG says:

    I’m pretty good at googling…
    I’ve been in touch with someone at NFS, apparently one of the local ranger districts is planning for the removal…depressing indeed.
    Really enjoy the blog, look forward to more reports!

    • cdan4th says:

      Thanks! It’s gratifying to know people actually read my stuff.

      Glad I’m not on the removal detail. There’s something about beating a dead horse, but I’d rather not do it in actuality.

  4. We’re really enjoying reading your outings. Though not runners ourselves, we’ve walked in many of these places and had our own incredible experiences. We’re looking at exploring further beyond the Arapaho Pass area [from the 4th of July side] and found your write up “Fourth of July on the First Day of Fall” to be quite helpful and encouraging.

    • cdan4th says:

      Hey thanks! Glad I could help (and glad someone actually reads this stuff). I’m actually headed up to 4th of July tomorrow for a little high-country rambling. I haven’t been up there since that blog you read.

  5. etobey19 says:

    My girlfriend and I ran (well you ran and we walked) into you yesterday on the trail to Bluebird Lake. I was checking out pictures on google and came across the one of you standing in front of the lake in your post from July of 2012. I am the guy from NY who was with the girl from Colombia in case you remember.

    We are definitely going to check out the rest of your blog! We hope you had a nice rest of your day and we did make it to Bluebird. What a sight!

    • cdan4th says:

      Hey awesome! Nice searching skills!

      Hope you made it up there okay. It’s a beautiful place up there. I’ll be posting something about yesterday’s adventure in the near future. Keep an eye out.

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