There’s nothing Micro about the Micro-Backpack

Troop 78 has three levels of Adventure:  The regular adventures are 1-2 week long expeditions for high-school aged scouts in exotic places like the Boundary Waters or Alaska.  The Mini-backpack is a five-day exploration somewhere which requires scouting by airplane (nothing mini-about it!).  For the youngest scouts, the micro-backpack is a two night trip in the local mountains.  We’ll start with the micro, thanks.

Four scouts and five dinos (adults) started Friday morning and hiked up to Diamond Lake in the nearby Indian Peaks Wilderness.  Everything was lush and green after a wet winter and spring.  Camp was set and we commenced lounging.  Saturday we hiked from Diamond Lake up to the lovely Upper Diamond Lake past wildflowers galore.  The scouts then orienteered back down via a different route.  Sunday we packed up and hiked out.

There isn’t much to tell beyond that.  Even though I’ve been to Diamond Lake many times, it was really nice to slow things down and really inhabit this beautiful landscape.  It was great watching the boys learn to work together as a team; they have to because the adults basically don’t help.  Since we weren’t really helping, it was nice to get to know some of my fellow dinosaurs, explore around the lake, and mess around with my under-utilized ultralight camping set up.  But mostly it was amazing to see my kid operating on his own with his peers, taking leadership opportunities and learning from his own mistakes.

Spending some time with my growing-up-fast boy.

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