2018-19 ski spectacular

We ended the season one member down, but the rest of us made up for it.

It’s early May.  In most seasons, I would have hung up the skis a month ago and skiing would be a distant memory.  This year?  Nope, there’s still plenty of snow out there and several resorts are still open.  I never thought I’d say I was tired of skiing, but it’s finally happened!  Bring on summer and all that stuff.

This is our fourth real ski season and the second one where the kids are skiing well.  At the end of last season, Joe tentatively skied his first black diamond run and now he goes as hard as me or harder.  Ellie started the season on the easy blue runs and finished on the blacks (and not the easy ones either!).  If we keep up this progress, I’ll be in serious trouble next winter.

Again this year we got the Ikon Pass (this season’s version of the Rocky Mountain Superpass+) because it gave us access to our favorite mountains.  We visited four mountains this year for a total of 18 days.  I started the season with me sitting in the lodge recovering from my broken arm (as my doctor said, ‘skiing isn’t the problem.  Falling is.”).  Amy finished the season sidelined with a minor MCL tear.

Highlights of the season were seeing Joe tackle his first seriously hard route (Christmas Tree Bowl at Steamboat) in the company of some other kids.  We weathered being stuck in a gondola at Steamboat as well in 70 mph winds with six airsick kids.  Somewhere in there, Ellie decided to “go for it” and ski her first black run and there was no looking back.  She now bombs down the slopes to the point where I can barely keep up.  “Daddy, I think I still have a little fast left.”  And, of course, skiing until we can barely stand up anymore.  “Daddy, I’m destroyed.”

My style changed a bit as well this season.  I bought a nice backcountry setup and spent about half my resort days on my fatter, lighter AT skis.  They aren’t super stable at speed, but boy they’re fun in the powder and in the trees.  Both kids moved up a ski length mid-season which definitely helped their abilities.  Amy also got new gear which made things much more enjoyable for her.

The Hard Numbers (not counting backcountry trips)

  • 4 resorts
  • 18 days
  • 132 lifts ridden (including one snowcat, one rope tow, and half a dozen t-bars!)
  • 147871 vertical feet (45,070 meters)
  • 21 friends skied with.

“Daddy, I’m destroyed.”

The logs (GPS or it doesn’t count, right?)


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