145 rocks: 2017 Running Retrospective

Rocks of 2017

Once again, another year has come and gone (and faster than ever!) and it’s time to get retrospective in every way.  2017 was a strange year, but there was some wonderfullness amidst the strange. It was a year of niggling injuries and various unexpected excitement in my non-running life. Perhaps I can pin the blame on these extenuating circumstances for this being my lowest-mileage year since 2013; I didn’t even hit 1000 miles (though it was close).


For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to collect one small rock from each run of 2017 and would do one push up per mile (rounding up) immediately following each run.

So, without further ado, here are a few photos from the year of running.

Jan 2, mile 0, South Mesa Trailhead, Boulder

Jan 15, mile 36, Bear Peak West Ridge

Jan 25, mile 66, White Sands Nat. Monument, Alkalai Flats Loop

Jan 28, mile 75. The Franklin Mountains outside El Paso, TX.

March 9, mile 183. Mt. Sanitas the long way.

April 9, mile 281. Button Rock Reservoir.

April 11, mile 289. Red Rocks fire recon.

April 16, mile 318. Denver city bison herd. Gennessee.

May 5, mile 386.

May 23, mile 450.

May 28, mile 479. Gorgeous Deutsch Wald outside Frankfurt.

May 30, mile 486. Top of Newlands Ravine, Cape Town, South Africa. This is my happy face.

Jun 2, mile 494. The mighty Oliphants River (one of two unrelated rivers of the same name in SA).
This is pretty close to where we deployed on occultation night.

June 25, mile 540. Slopes of Fairchild Mountain, RMNP.

July 7, mile 568. Brainard Lake.

July 8, mile 582. Upper Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness

July 27, mile 628. Snowfields and waterfalls on the way to Storm Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness

August 2, mile 642. Eldorado Canyon State Park.

August 9, mile 657. Caught in a hailstorm in Yellowstone National Park.

August 27, mile 677. Climbing up from Gourd Lake

September 17, mile 729. Mt. Alice! Night Runners at altitude in the daylight.

Sept 30, mile 767, Mt. Ingalls summit, Shelburne, NH

Oct 14, mile 798, Dinosaur Mountain summit on a windy day.

November 20, mile 868. East Green Mountain.

December 6, mile 910, above Wonderland Lake, Boulder

Dec 20, mile 944, Flagstaff star.

Dec 29, mile 968. Red Rocks, Boulder

When all was said and done, I ended the year with 970 miles and a small jar filled with rocks.

145 rocks from 2017. Five states, two foreign countries. The big rock at the far end is from Rondeberg, South Africa. The small baggie is full of gypsum sand from New Mexico. 

These rocks represent 145 runs covering 970 miles and 157,000′ vertical.  Some rocks were collected solo, some in the company of good friends. Some were from the highest, toughest, or most interesting parts of a run while some were nearly afterthoughts scooped up in the parking lot afterwards. They represent a whole range of geology and geography; five different US states and two foreign countries (on two different continents!). Not bad. For whatever arbitrary reason I started collecting rocks, it’s turned out kind of fun.

Here’s to more rocks in 2018!

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