Some pie-filled, spandex-clad idiot spoiling another nice view of Spruce Lake.

Some pie-filled idiot spoiling another nice view of Spruce Lake.

Turkey trots are all well and good, but what I really need is a post-Thanksgiving bit of exercise to burn off some of the pie.  In this case, it was a social run with the “Denver Run Crew” (none of whom were from anywhere near Denver) up in RMNP (also not Denver). No matter.  We ran and were a crew, and it was lovely.

There was a little snow as we got higher up, but, for late November, it was all quite runnable.  The weather was grand and the company excellent.  The climb to Fern Lake went quickly, then the spur trail over to the new-to-me Spruce Lake.  It was windy up high, so we didn’t linger, but went back down for a second helping of Fern Lake.  On a whim, we tackled the climb to the south up to the stunning Tourmaline Gorge to Odessa Lake and basked for a while before turning again for thirds on Fern Lake.  Then back down to the Pool and out.

Mile #1000 for 2016.

Mile #1000 for 2016.

In the process, I hit my thousandth mile for the year for only the fourth time.  It’s always a noteworthy point for me and pretty pleased with what has turned into a decent year of running.  More on that later.

Thanks to social nexus Ben for the invite and Kristen, Terry, and Ed for the kindred company.

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