Running the ridge up to Skyscraper Peak at 12k.

Summer is fast departing, or, rather, the rigors of the semester are rapidly approaching. There are so many things I wanted to do this summer… I played hookie with Ben on Friday. The idea was a quick lap of the classic and well-known High Lonesome Loop out of Hessie. But I can’t resist some exploration, so we headed up the middle drainage to Woodland Lake and Skyscraper Reservoir. Trail-wise, this is a dead end while the other two drainages (north and south) connect up to the Divide and the High Lonesome Trail. Thus the classic loop.

Instead, we waded through some willows at Skyscraper Res and puffed up the slope to the ridge to the north. From there it was a lovely tundra-and-talus hop to the modest but view-ridden summit of Skyscraper Peak. The two small, flanking glaciers (Skyscraper to the south and Challenger to the north) have piqued my interest for years and I got a chance to see them from anear. Skyscraper doesn’t look too bad and there is, in late season at least, a pure grass route to the top on climber’s right. Challenger, on the other hand, is heady. The top dozen feet are purely vertical and look like they would be really fun to climb.

Work can wait. The mountains are calling and I must go.

Up high, the wildflowers are still going.

Up high, the wildflowers are still going.

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