Black and Blue in RMNP

New Blue Crew

New Blue Crew

Peter and I did a quick blitz of Glacier Gorge.  Sure, I was just up there three weeks ago, but we had some time to kill in RMNP and he’d never been up there before.  I’m a Glacier Gorge Evangelist, so how could I say no? I set a pretty hard pace but Peter kept on my like glue the entire way. Mills Lake, Jewel Lake, and finally Black Lake arrived in very quick time. 

Black Lake

Black Lake

We had some time still, so we headed up the ramp from Black to the spectacular upper Gorge.  I’ve always headed south from here to Longs, Pagoda, Spearhead, or one of the other destinations. Instead, we scrambled up and over some rocky knobs to the north-east and found Blue Lake. It’s neat!  Fantastic views, pretty large lake, and a really uncanny position perched unnervingly on a glacier-scoured shelf of rock on the side of the Longs massif where it doesn’t seem like a lake should sit.

Blue Lake is unnerving but beautiful.

Blue Lake is unnerving but beautiful.

Normally, coming down the long trail from Black to Mills Lakes, I’m totally wiped out from previous had climbs or whatever. This time, we were both feeling good and spry and hammered down the trail at a terrific rate. Whee!

What a great run! I’ve been up there half a dozen times before but never made the trip to Blue Lake. Definitely worth the side-trip.

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