2015 Year in Review

All the runs of 2015, courtesy of Sisu.

All the runs of 2015, courtesy of Sisu.

Obviously, it’s been a big year for me running-wise.  In previous years, I’ve hit 1000 miles only twice and that was in mid-December.  This year I rolled over that fourth digit on June 20th.  The pace fell off quite a bit after that, but I still managed another 427 miles during the rest of the year, surpassing my old record (from 2014) by 380 miles.

The highlight of the year was definitely Bighorn. However, I had a number of wonderful, adventurous runs in the training beforehand and golden summer/autumn/winter after the race.  Since a new year is time for retrospection and smugness, here are some highlights that haven’t made this blog so far.


Jan 3rd, mile 28, Flatirons Vista during the Southside Fat Ass 50k


Jan 11th, mile 64, Bear Peak during Pastor Fred’s Church of the Holy Trail

Feb 21st, mile XXX, Chapman Gulch

Feb 21st, mile 215, Chapman Gulch after a good snowfall.

March 24th, mile XXX, Arches National Park, Utah

March 24th, mile 400, Arches NP, Utah, during a wonderful spring break trip with the family.

April 11th, mile XXX, Merrimack River, MA

April 11th, mile 492, Merrimack River, MA, during a work trip.

April 19th, mile XXX, Nederland, CO

April 19th, mile 567, Nederland, CO, after 30 miles of uphill slogging.

April 30th, mile XXX, Royal Arch

April 30th, mile 635, Royal Arch.  Yeah, I can put in the big miles occasionally.

May 2nd, mile XXX, Green Mountain

May 2nd, mile 641, Green Mountain

May 20, mile XXX, Flagstaff Mountain

May 20, mile 734, Flagstaff Mountain

May 27th, mile XXX, Mt. Sanitas.

May 27th, mile 788, Mt. Sanitas.

June 3rd, mile XXX, Bear Peak.

June 3rd, mile 848, Bear Peak.

June 15th, mile 9XX, Chatauqua Park, CO

June 15th, mile 888, Chatauqua Park, CO

June 19th, mile 900, Dayton, WY

June 19th, mile 900, Dayton, WY

June 20th, mile 1000, Dayton, WY

June 20th, mile 1000, Dayton, WY

July 19, mile 1XXX, Long Pond, Acadia NP, ME

July 19, mile 1047, Long Pond, Acadia NP, ME

August 16th, Fern Lake Trail, RMNP

August 16th, mile 1088, Fern Lake Trail, RMNP, CO with Peter

October 10, mile 1XXX, Boreas Pass Road, Breckenridge

October 4th, mile 1215, Boreas Pass Road, Breckenridge, CO, with Jason

November 8th, mile 1XXX, Eldorado Canyon SP

November 8th, mile 1310, Eldorado Canyon SP, CO

December 2nd, mile 1XXX, Flagstaff Mtn, Boulder

December 2nd, mile 1361, Flagstaff Mtn, Boulder


December 19th, mile 1395,  the 3rd Annual Solstice Grog Slog (stop #3/7: Crystal Springs Brewing, Louisville, CO)

December 31st, mile 1424, Haw River, Bynum, NC.

December 31st, mile 1424, Haw River, Bynum, NC.


My over-geeked run stats for ten years!

It’s been quite a year!  I’m pretty pleased and proud with how it went.  However I don’t intend to use 2015 as a template for 2016.  I’m committed to pacing Brian at Bighorn in June which means I need to train up for at least 50 miles; a good challenge and it will keep me fit, but with enough spare time for a more rounded life.  Skiing, camping, and more time with the family.

Via con queso!

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