Got Yer Goat

Goats wandering north toward Peak 5

Goats wandering north toward Peak 5

A weekend in Summit County… so many options and, as with so many other occasions, my activity was choice was driven by the goals of others. In this case, my friend and hostess Meggan has been working on hiking the Colorado Trail section by section. I’m not list-driven, but never mind the opportunity to draw a new line on the map of familiar terrain. CT Segment 7 is a relatively short (12 miles), but fierce as it climbs up and over the Tenmile Range.

There’s not much to report.  I dropped Meggan and her friend Nancy off at the Gold Hill TH north of Breckenridge and then drove around to Copper to “run” in from the other side. From the west, the trail doesn’t mess around and gains a quick 3000′ in 4 miles.  My pace was faster and distance shorter than the ladies, so I lounged around a bit up there on and around Peak 6 including a really cool interaction with a pair of goats.  They were skittish of this tall, gangly thing walking around up there.  But as soon I sat down, they wandered cautiously over, coming within ten feet before deciding I wasn’t edible or interesting.

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