2014 Year in Review (Another 1000-mile Year)

Dowdy Draw, December 27, mile 1034

Dowdy Draw, December 27, mile 1039

Somehow, without really meaning to, I’ve thrown down a pretty big year.  In the middle of December I logged my thousandth mile for only the second time ever.  Heck, in the middle of November, I logged my 900th mile for only the second time ever!  The first time this happened (2008) was after a huge year with two ultras and the major training load that went into them.  This year… I’ve had some fun in the mountains, but haven’t had any concrete goals.  Yet here I am with my biggest-mileage year ever.

Looking back, I see that it’s been a year of pretty consistent, modest mileage all year long.  Registering for my first 100-mile ultra (next June!) in October kept the motivation level high for sure, but running has become more of a lifestyle for me than it has in years past.  Certainly I’ve been extremely busy all year with teaching, family, and everything else.  Running has become my social life, my therapy, and my personal time.  That’s not so bad as lifestyle choices go.

Looking back on the year, here are some highlights.

Sublime canyons

North Table Mtn, Jan 25th, Mile 48

Milling about on the summit while I dork around with the camera.

Green Mountain Summit, March 12, Mile 133

Horsetooth Mountain Park

Horsetooth Mountain Park, April 19, mile 230

It was a shame to turn around, but we were already pretty gassed.

Colorado Trail, May 31, mile 366


Mt. Elbert Summit, June 22, mile 425

Descent from Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain, July 5, mile 467

The three amigos with the highest Willow Lake and the amazing Zodiac Ridge

Willow Lakes, July 13, mile 495

Lounging Rock is good for lounging

Crater Lake (IPW), July 25, mile 554

The incredible view south.

Algonquin Peak (IPW), August 8, mile 600

RMNP "Dad's Run"

RMNP “Dad’s Run”, August 16, mile 625

Mile 2: 5am at 11,000'.  A harbinger of things to come?

Flattop Mt at dawn (RMNP), August 31, mile 685

I believe the summer/winter dividing line was somewhere around here.

St. Vrain Mtn (IPW/RMNP), October 4, mile 784

Bear Peak, October 29,

Bear Peak, October 29, mile 847

Devil's Thumb and the lake of the same name.  Farewell high country for this season!

Devil’s Thumb Lake (IPW), November 9, mile 881

Heil Ranch, November 30

Heil Ranch, November 30, mile 949

South Boulder Peak, Dec 7

South Boulder Peak, Dec 7, mile 964

Flagstaff, December 20, mile 1020

Flagstaff, December 20, mile 1020

Many thanks to the myriad of people I’ve shared the trails with this year!  To name but a few, my regular compadres Jason, Eric, and Kate from the weekly Night Run, but also Brian, Brian, Dave, Dave, Dave, Yasuyo, Kunlong, Stephan, Britton, Devin, Hallman, Kyle, Mark, Chris, Kari, Jose, Andras, Rhiannon, Lieko, Steven, Scott, Nate, Kevin, Shad, Peter, Mike, Chipwich, Jake, Peter, ZenRooster, Brad, Amy, and probably a host of other people I’m forgetting.  Of course, the indulgent, wonderful wife and family is the most important training partner of all.  Thanks for keeping me honest and keeping it (mostly) fun.

What about next year?  Well, the Official Training Schedule starts on January 5th.  Hopefully I can increase my mileage smoothly and injury-free and, more importantly, keep the mental interest to keep it fun.

Let’s raise a glass to 2014, to friends, and to adventures.  May 2015 be everything you wish it to be and more besides.

Afterword: Thanks for all the messages of support, everyone.  Yes, I live in a beautiful place with lots of cool places to run, hike, or just be, and I need to be more mindful of that.  It’s easy to get trapped in the “ho hum, Green Mountain again” mindset. 

For those so inclined to follow along with the details of my Bighorn 100 training, this is will be the best spot for it http://app.strava.com/athletes/2310127

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2 Responses to 2014 Year in Review (Another 1000-mile Year)

  1. Kevin says:

    Looks like an amazing year you had. Wish I had been to many of those locations. Have a great 2015

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