Miscellaneous Mayhem

It’s been pretty quiet here on the Sanctum this spring, but it’s not because I’m a boring home-body.  Or at least not entirely that I’m a boring home-body.  No, there were various adventures which somehow never got posted here.

April 12, 2014:  Early-season, 3-peak sufferfest

My planned half-marathon-ish training run tagging all three of Boulders big peaks: Up Shadow Canyon to South Boulder and Bear Peaks, then down West Ridge to Bear Canyon, up Green, down the Green West Ridge, southwest of Flagstaff Road to Walker Ranch, then back to Eldorado Canyon from there.  Except that it turned into more like 21 miles.  As a first significant run of the season, it was a bit more than I’d bargained on.

April 19, 2014: Horsetooth Mountain Park exploration

Brian often comes south to join in mountainy fun, but this time I headed north instead to the greater Fort Collins area.  We did a nice run around the highly fractal trail network of Horsetooth State Park.  Lots of vertical, lots of flowers, and a really nice waterfall, all in about 13 miles.

May 10, 2014: Quadrock support and Lory SP

A few weeks after my last trip to Ft. Collins, I drove up again to help out at an aid station in Horsetooth during the Quadrock 25/50 mile trail race.  After a spirited couple of hours filling bottles, slicing up PB&J wraps, and generally cheering on the runners, I snuck out for a quick trail run myself and some mobile cheering.  Having already explored many of the Horsetooth trails with Brian in April, I headed north this time into Lory State Park and explored the equally fine trails up the short scramble to the summit of Arthur’s Rock.  Then back to the aid station for another hour or two of force-feeding runners with bacon and popsicles.  15 miles total, plus various running around at the aid station.

May 18, 2014: More Boulder Peaks

Loads of snow in the high country and not too much time to sneak away, but still some adventures in the local mountains, this time with Shad.  Up the trail between the First and Second Flatirons and to the summit of Green Mountain from there.  Down to Bear Canyon and up Bear via the West Ridge.  Hot and sticky.  Finally, down the ridiculously steep Fern Canyon for a nice 11-mile traverse.  Good exploration and company.

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