Summer Season Retrospective



Bless me father, for I have sinned.  It has been four months since I last checked my progress toward my yearly goals

The summer outdoors season is always particularly manic and this one more manic than most.  Despite some setbacks, I’m racking up the miles and ticking closer to my goals of 1000 running miles, 2000 bike miles, 10 new summits, and one ski descent in 2013.  Here’s the run-down:

May: 97 miles running, 151 on the bike.  Pretty good!  One big run in the mountains which would have been a lot more fun without all the post-holing.

June: Only 53 miles of running (including a 50k on the first of the month) and about 120 miles on one bike or another (including probably 65 miles on a Dutch cruiser bike around Lieden and points east).  One new peak (Windy Peak, during the Dirty Thirty).  Things were looking good until the middle of the month when I spent a week in a Scottish Hospital which, among other things, knocked me out of commission for most of a month.

July: Getting back into the swing of things, I managed 43.3 on foot and 129 on the bike.  Again, the month didn’t really start until half-way through, so that’s not bad.  Got in the first decent mountain run of the season and bagged two new peaks (Blackford and Tanima).

August: Hot!  Lots of cycling on commutes and long “extended commutes”.  Three good mountain runs, including, if you’re feeling generous, four new summits (Skull Pt and Sugarloaf, Pt. 13005 and Red Peak).  However, not much in the way of base mileage.  79.2 miles on foot, 241 on the bike.

Totals for the year:
Run – 575 miles
Bike – 672 miles
New summits – 6 (four if you want to invoke certain “what is a peak” rules, but whatever).
Ski descents – still none.

It looks unlikely in the last third of the year that I’ll finish, but I aim to come close.  That month of down-time doesn’t help and if I push the goal to the end of January… we’ll just have to see.  In the meantime, I aim to slow it down a little, enjoy life more, and let my goals happen or not as may be.  Bring on the fall and the slower pace.

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