Tanima Peak and Boulder Grand Pass

Starting the descent.

Starting the descent.

One month ago I was having abdominal surgery in a foreign hospital fretting about, among other things, that I wouldn’t get to enjoy Colorado’s brief but energetic summer.  Today I made the first sizable down payment on summer fun.  It was very theraputic.

There’s not much to say.  Basit and I managed to coordinate mid-week plans to run together from Wild Basin up to Thunder Lake and Lake of Many Winds, and then stagger up the very steep Boulder Grand Pass.  From there, Basit headed west to Grand Lake for lunch, then returned via some improbable and adventurous route that night.  Being made of softer stuff, I lounged about up on the Divide for a while, summited the more-impressive-than-it-looks Tanima Peak, contemplated the Cleaver and/or Mt. Alice (decided not to push it), and then descended via the same route.

For being woefully out of shape after a month of modest activity at best, it went surprisingly well.  I ran most of the way out and set a pretty fast pace on the way up.  The flowers were pretty good up high and I managed to get a handful of actual good photos.  Felt good throughout and the hail storm didn’t start until I was unlocking my car back at the trailhead.  19.1 miles and 4500′ of elevation in 6 hours and change.

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