I’m usually a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy, at least when it comes to my hobbies.  This works out well and lots of adventures have happened with little advanced planning but it also often leads to inertia and lethargy winning the day.  So this year I set a couple of rather arbitrary and nebulous goals to keep me moving.  Two months ago, the New Year’s Resolution was as follows:

1000 miles of running – A thousand miles of running is a lot (for me, at least), but not crazy.  I did it in 2008 and, with enough motivation, should be able to do that again.  Averaging 2.7 miles a day will get me there.  Or 83 miles/month.

2000 miles on a bike – Two thousand on the bike is more of a stretch.  My commute to work is 18 miles round trip, so two commutes a week  all year and a couple long rides in the summer will do it.  But I’ve got a snazzy new road bike and am thinking some 50+ mile days seem intriguing…

10 new summits – This sounds a bit crazy, especially in my eleventh season in Colorado when I’ve already climbed all the nearby easy peaks.  But back in the day, I could bag a dozen new peaks pretty easily in a single push.  Given a couple good trips this summer, this one shouldn’t be too hard.

1 ski descent – that’s a little tougher and relies on good snow (something we haven’t had yet), willing partners, and the time off to do it.  We’ll see.

So here we are two months into 2013.  How are things going?

January – 65.6 miles running, 29 miles on the bike
February – 58.8 miles running, 46 miles on the bike

Running’s looking decent, especially since January and February are my busiest seasons at work and there have been an unusual bunch of minor crises at home.  Biking, not so good.  Driving Joe to school three days a week means I’ve only got two to ride myself and I’m gunshy about riding in the snow and ice.  Hopefully that will pick up as the weather improves, but 2k is now sounding a bit ambitious.

Stay tuned for my progress after March and April.  I’ve got a big race on June 1st, so the running had better pick up.  And hey look!  It’s snowing outside.  Maybe the ski descent will happen too!

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