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Good Friday

I’ve never quite groked why the anniversary of the ritual execution of your messiah should be called “Good Friday” but there are many things I don’t understand.  What I do know is that full day in ski boots definitely falls … Continue reading

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Barton Creek Wilderness

When I was first planning my work-related visit to Austin/College Station, I sent out an email to the Boulder Trail Runners email list (several thousand people) asking for suggestions on ways to occupy myself for half a day in the … Continue reading

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Messing with Texas (A&M)

College Station, TX, isn’t my first choice of places to visit, but I was invited out by an old grad school chum to give a talk and meet folks.  Long story short, it was really fun!  The department there (actually, … Continue reading

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Post Brain-Drain St. Vrain

January and February are busy season for astronomers, or at least those of us who like to use the Hubble Space Telescope for fun and profit.  Thus, when March rolls around each year I’m always surprised to find that winter … Continue reading

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I’m usually a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy, at least when it comes to my hobbies.  This works out well and lots of adventures have happened with little advanced planning but it also often leads to inertia and lethargy winning … Continue reading

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