Stag Party

Stag party!

Boys night out!  Wooo!  Party!  Joe and I took our first father/son camping trip leaving Amy and Ella at home for a little chick-flick-watching, slumber-partying, whatever-it-is-that-girls-do-when-they-hang-out-ing.  We were joined by Chris and Susan with Michael and Katie as well.

I wasn’t expecting much from my last-minute accommodations booked Friday night at the Moraine Park Campground in RMNP…

Preparing the headlamps for exploration (at about 6 pm)

but it turned out to be quite fantastic!  Our site (one of three still available at that late hour) was spacious and had a nice view of Longs Peak.  Around dinner time, a bachelor group of four mule deer wandered through camp completely unconcerned.

Watch out!

Camping of this sort is weird to me.  The main objective isn’t to hike somewhere, climb something, or whatever.  It’s to hang out in the outdoors and be boys.  Joe and Michael entertained themselves climbing on rocks and digging in the dirt.  We cruised the campground on our bikes.  The nearby hillside was explored extensively.  Nothing was accomplished except that everyone got good and filthy.  And that’s good enough!

Cite A80 at the Moraine Park Campground

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