Mikey Likes It

On the Tenderfoot trail, in the teeth of the wind.

Mike and I go back a long ways.  We’ve been on-and-off adventure partners after meeting up in Kentucky in the distant past (15 years ago as best I can remember).  We hike large portions of the Appalachian Trail together in bits and pieces, often at night and/or in the winter and various other miscellaneous fun.  No matter how tough and game I am, Mike is always tougher.  He’s good that way.

A little low-friction trail running at the top of Gregory Canyon.

Mike was in Colorado last week for some work-related things, but managed to spend a few days at Chez Dan4th and we squeezed in a few mini-adventures.  We haven’t done much since we both took up trail running, so it was fun to take him on a little jaunt up a very ice Gregory Canyon and around my usual haunts on Flagstaff Mountain.  For a guy who flew in at midnight from sea level, he didn’t have much trouble keeping up.

Windy or not, it's nice to get some sun on the legs for once.

We also managed some fun the next weekend with a nice 7 mile jaunt around Louisville (still windy) and an ice-climbing-became-snowshoeing expedition to RMNP (yup, still windy).

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