Soundtrack to 2011

This is not an outdoor adventure, but, since I’m in a retrospective mood, I thought I’d put up the track listings for my 2011 Soundtrack CD.  Looking at the list, I see that many of them are soundtracks from videos I came across during the year (1, 4, 7, 8, 13) or songs from albums I discovered through videos (9, 16).  Others are tunes that came up on the stereo during long runs or drives which struck a nerve (6, 9, 10, 11, 15).  Track 5 got a lot of play in June when we had to get rid of the family dog.  Track 11 was playing on the loudspeakers when I finished the Bolder Boulder.  The rest… who can say, but they’ve been rattling around in my ears for a while now.


  1. TimeScapes Trailer 2 2:33 John Stanford link
  2. (Find Myself) A Heap Of Love (Florence & the Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap) 4:16 LeeDM101 link
  3. Imagine One Day (So Far Away) (Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. blink-182 vs. Gentleman vs. Bob Marley) 3:53 Mashup-Germany link
  4. Disappear Here 5:56 Hybrid link
  5. The Thought of Losing You 3:34 Dredg link
  6. The Book of My Life 6:16 Sting link
  7. Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) 5:09 Sofa Surfers link
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now 3:30 Queen link
  9. The Farthest Star 4:53 VNV Nation link
  10. Surrender 4:30 Angels & Airwaves link
  11. Starlight 4:00 Muse link
  12. Whole Thing 5:28 Peter Gabriel link
  13. Holocene 5:38 Bon Iver link
  14. History Of A Lonely Heart (Yes vs Groove Armada) 4:06 LeeDM101 link
  15. Watch The World Go By (Featuring Lake Heartbeat) [Skatebård Extended Remix] 7:53 Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix link
  16. As It Fades 4:39 VNV Nation link
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