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Butler Gulch Powder Stash

After a strenuous week, it’s time for a differently-strenuous weekend! Scott, similarly in need of some mountain therapy, and I met up at a leisurely 9am for some backcountry skiing. Plan A was to check out the trails on the … Continue reading

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What’s going on here?

Hi.  I’m Charles and I’m a wilderness addict. I don’t particularly care how I get my fix: rock climbing, trail running, backcountry skiing, hiking, whatever you’ve got.  I’m not particularly skilled in any of these areas; I like to think … Continue reading

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Skiing Glacier Gorge

I had a much-needed ski up Glacier Gorge yesterday. I’ve been up there many times, but never on skis. The cutoff was well-trodden and even the trail up to Mills had seen quite a lot of traffic. Despite the banner … Continue reading

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