Heart Lake

The Holiday season is always crazy, doubly so for astronomers as we have to get everything in order for the big AAS meeting that happens in early January. Like most astronomers, I’d written a surpassingly vague abstract back in September and was now under the gun to produce the promised Science. Nevertheless, I got out for a very nice winter trip with Michele. The weather wasn’t great and the avalanche danger was high, so we decided to stick to the low angle stuff in or near the trees. In my early days of BC skiing (well, earlier days at least), I’d done a nice trip up to Rogers Pass Lake from East Portal, so we opted for that again on better gear and with (hopefully) a little more skill.

Everything went very nicely. There was a great deal of snow in the woods. Michele is in great physical shape and lead the pace pretty hard on the way up and we made it to Rogers Pass Lake easily. Above treeline the weather was, if not inspiring, then at least stable, so we climbed the short ridge up and over to the larger and more scenic Heart Lake.

Heart Lake

The trip down… ah, now that was the interesting part. Last time I did this, I was on long skinny XC skis and low, soft boots. This time, I was on shorter, fatter skis with higher, stiffer boots. There was ample snow and I managed to fall a lot less often than I would have expected. Style was not in surfiet, but fun definitely was. Michele, on snowshoes, was a bit slower than I on the way down, but I never had to wait more than a minute or two. The various horsing around, photo-taking, and picking myself out of snowdrifts probably contributed to this.

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