Baby’s First Campout

Golden Gate Canyon SP

After two years of not camping, Amy and I were both in serious need of some campfire therapy. Is Joe (21 months) now old enough to be able to handle it? Turns out the answer is ‘yes’! For our first foray, we picked the Aspen Meadows camping area in Golden Gate Canyon State Park at an elevation of 9000′. Our thought was that this would be close enough to bail out in the middle of the night if things became too rough and not so high that it would be too cold at night.

I can’t say it was the best night’s sleep any of us ever got, but it definitely worked out okay. The three-person tent is a little cramped with two adults, a toddler, and a dog, but we weathered the night. Nor did Amy and I get the campfire therapy; Joe did not like the idea of going to sleep in the strange new tent without someone there by his side. But we got in a pair of short hikes, saw some views, and got the little guy used to the idea that woods are a friendly, fun place.

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