Go Amy!

Three months ago, Amy decided she needed an athletic goal and signed up for the Title 9k, a huge women’s only race held on Mother’s Day. She undertook an iPod-based training program working her way up to 4+ mile runs over the course of several months, but still hadn’t run an entire 6 miles or over an hour at a go as of race morning. Yes, that’s right, 6 miles. It turns out, the Title 9k is actually close enough to a 10k as to not really matter.

I’ve never crewed someone at a race before, but I embraced my duties with gusto. Amy, Joe and I arrived early, scouted out the area, and got to work. The course made one lap of the lovely Boulder Reservoir, starting and ending at the beach area on the south. Energy was high and the weather beautiful.

Joe and I left Amy at the starting line and started hiking down the course to spectate. We got about a kilometer down the course on a wide gravel road and set up our cheering section on a small hill. Since I couldn’t rely on Joe to do too much cheering, I’d made up a big Go Amy sign and mounted it on the stroller. This sort of thing is pretty standard at most races, but I was the only one here.

Amy running strong in the home stretch

Shortly after 9, the racers started coming by. Everyone enjoyed my sign including a half a dozen other women also named Amy. Joe wandered up and down the side of the road offering sunscreen to people (he had no takers, but was extremely cute). Right in the middle of the pack, the primary Amy came past and we cheered heartily.

When the stragglers finished passing, we packed up the sign and walked back to spectate near the finish. We passed the finish line as the leaders came through (36 minutes or so) and stationed ourselves at the far end of the dam at about the 1 km to go mark. Amy had set an optimistic goal of 70 minutes and I was surprised to see her at about the one hour mark.

Everyone knew who we were rooting for.

Joe and I ran it in arriving shortly after Amy’s 1:06:10 finish, four minutes faster than her optimistic time. She ran the entire course and was pretty jazzed by the whole experience. The Title 9 people throw a classy post-race party and we hung out for a while down on the beach while Joe through stuff in the water and got thoroughly dirty.


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